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Employment projections, Employment projections projections reports short-term occupation projections reports.

Texas wages and employment projections is brought to you by the labor market & career information (lmci) department of the texas workforce commission. Us bureau of labor statistics | office of occupational statistics and employment projections, psb suite 2135, 2 massachusetts avenue, ne washington, dc 20212-0001. Latest employment projections (2016-2024) released what are the hot jobs in florida what occupations have the most job growth in florida. Employment projections long-term occupational employment projections find the expected employment growth and annual openings for all published. The employment projections (ep) program develops information about the labor market for the nation as a whole for 10 years in the future. August 2016 page i 2016 employment projections employment security department about the employment, industry and occupational projections.

The employment projections program provides long- and short-term projections and includes information on projected new jobs by industry and occupation as well as. Employment projections employment projections are available for both industries and occupations short-term projections cover a two year period and long-term. Employment projections by industry and occupation are point-in-time estimates and are best used as an indicator their development is based on trends and known. Detailed information about the variables displayed here are available in the technical documentation files containing these data are available for download.

Occupational projections this publication presents occupational employment projections these long-term projections should be used primarily as a reference tool for. Several sources of wage information are available select the menu item to the right that best suits your needs if you are unsure of which data you need, refer to.

  • New hampshire employment projections publishes statewide long-term and short-term projections of employment by industry and occupation long-term projections are for.
  • Occupational employment projections occupational employment projections show the expected future number of workers to be employed in the different occupations in the.
  • 3 artist employment projections through 2018 term structural changes the occupational outlook handbook examines baseline and trend data in association with the most.

Health care employment projections, 2014-2024: an analysis of bureau of labor statistics projections by setting and by occupation center for health workforce studies. Employment projections web page to select the ten year period for occupational projections. Employment projections estimate the changes in industry and occupational employment over time resulting from industry growth, technological change, and other factors.

Employment projections
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